About Celeste Skin Spa

Welcome to Celeste Skin Spa, a place where you can achieve the best version of yourself. Cristien Ranney, owner of Celeste Skin Spa created an individually tailored, skin care boutique offering result oriented skin care solutions for the health of your unique skin. We recognize the frenzy of skin care products that are marketed today and how confusing it is to know which ones are meant for you. Here at Celeste Skin Spa, we understand different skin types and conditions and know which treatments and products are needed to achieve beautiful, healthy skin.
At Celeste Skin Spa, we start all new clients with a free skin care consultation. After an in depth skin analysis, you and your esthetician will discuss concerns, goals, your lifestyle, and skin care regimen to fully understand your skin. Then we discuss treatment options that will address any issues and concerns.

About Cristien Ranney, Owner of Celeste Skin Spa Chicago

Inspiration for Celeste Skin Spa stemmed from founder and Licensed Esthetician, Cristien Ranney, who struggled with acne for many years. She spent endless time in the face wash isle at drugstores, tried countless products, watched one too many infomercials, and wasted her hard earned money on products, treatments, and unnecessary prescriptions.
It wasn’t until she completed her education for esthetics and became a Licensed Esthetician, that Cristien truly understood how to take care of her own skin. Cristien graduated at the top of her class from the accredited, Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute, where she completed 750 hours of education. Even after completing her basic training to become a Licensed Esthetician, she continues with ongoing continuing education courses for advanced training.
Now at Celeste Skin Spa, Cristien would like to share the knowledge she has gained with you. Cristien finds that the best part of her job is educating her clients about their skin while taking care of their needs and building trust and connection. Her goal is always to see her clients leave with healthy, radiant skin and a smile on their face. Cristien believes that being an Esthetician is not only about giving facial treatments and selling skin care products; it’s about creating transformation and therefore lives. When people look their best, they feel their best and Cristien is honored to be able to have a part in that positivity. In addition to her passion for esthetics, Cristien takes pleasure in spending time with her two children, studying metaphysics, practicing yoga, fashion, and traveling.