Trending Black Charcoal Face Masks

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I’m sure all of you have seen these black face masks that are all over Facebook and Instagram. I’ve even seen some of you using them! Both you and I have gotten a good laugh at the ridiculous videos of people putting themselves through agony ripping them off. Even still, so many people are continuing to use them.

Beauty is pain, right? Nonsense. Taking care of your skin shouldn’t make you cry. These facial masks are basically a giant Biore strip for your entire face. While yes, they do pull some debris out of your pores; the majority of what they are removing from your skin is natural sebaceous filaments, which don’t do any harm.

I completely understand the satisfaction of seeing the gunk that you can remove from your pores. That’s part of why I love being an esthetician! With that being said, I am a licensed esthetician and it’s my job to understand how to properly remove all of that “gunk”!

Of course your skin feels baby soft after you use one of these masks. You’ve just ripped off the top layer of your skin along with all of your vellus hair! So basically, you’ve just removed your skin’s natural defense system and have exposed it to the elements. Your skin’s barrier is important, and these masks completely deprive your skin of its defense.

So what’s a better option for your skin? See a licensed esthetician regularly for facials. During a facial your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, rid of all debris, and hydrated to reveal healthy, glowing skin. If you can’t afford to get a professional treatment at least get yourself a professional mask. I suggest PCA skin’s Purifying Mask. It is an at-home, clay based treatment mask that exfoliates, detoxifies, and removes impurities, leaving skin smooth, clear, and bright. It is gentle on the skin and you remove it with a cloth to avoid causing any damage to the skin.

These masks are ultimately doing more harm than good to your skin, and they just aren’t worth it. Trust the experts, beautiful people.

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